Inspirational family meeting videos

We try to hold a family meeting on the weekend as often as we can. I’ve covered topics such as listening skills, attitudes of winners and losers, peacemaking skills, and conversational skills for my 8 and 10-year-old daughters. Their favorite part to-date has been role-playing bad listening skills with us – they’re experts!

Their second favorite thing is watching inspiring videos so I thought I would keep a collection of them here. Suggestions for new ones always welcome!

Jeff Bezos
“it’s harder to be clever than kind” grandmother speech at Princeton

Steve Jobs
stay foolish at Stanford

Jamie Oliver
teach every child about food at TED

Kathryn Schulz
On being wrong at TED

Richard Wilkinson
How economic inequality harms societies at TED

BBC Is Seeing Believing?

Peter Diamandis
Abundance is our future at TED

Shawn Achor
The happy secret to better work at TED

Shirzad Chamine
Know You Inner Sabateurs at TEDxStanford

Amy Cuddy
Your body language shapes who you are at TED

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